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Based on the Speed Motion model, featuring the same specs and technologies, the limited-edition SPEED MOTION ARI SÁNCHEZ padel racquet includes an exclusive design for world number one ‘Magic Ari’. Her magic touch has been incorporated into the racquet design with some holographic details. As the co-designer, Ari chose the colors for this limited-edition racquet, adding to the elegant and exclusive design, which includes her signature. Made from a teardrop-shaped mold, this racquet is ideal for advanced and professional players who are looking for power without losing control, with an extra of maneuverability.
  • Limited edition co-designed by world number one Ari Sánchez
  • Elegant and exclusive colors chosen by Ari
  • Design includes Ari’s signature and ‘Magic Ari’ character
  • Made for advanced and professional players looking for power without losing control
  • Versatile and maneuverable
  • Teardrop-shaped mold
  • Based on Speed Motion model, featuring same specs and technologies
  • Exclusively includes the Pro Spin Strips accessory, the new adhesive strips with a rough surface to generate more spin

• Innovative Auxetic technology for extra power and sensational impact feel
• Lightest racquet in the SPEED series
• Versatile and manoeuvrable for advanced players with a fast, varied game
• Hybrid hitting surface made from woven carbon and fiberglass
• New Soft Butt Cap improves feeling and touch

Weight- 360 g / 12.7 oz

Head size- 465 cm² / 72 in²

Grip size- 4 1/4

Balance- 270 mm / 1.7 in HH

Length- 455 mm / 18 in

Beam- 37 mm

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