Babolat RPM Soft 12M (Set)

Gauge: 17
Color: Grey
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While control, power and durability come high on the list of priorities for most tennis players, spin, comfort, and feel are making up lost ground. String choice plays a pivotal role in delivering these player benefits. The driving force behind all racquets, strings account for 50 percent of performance and can make or break the perfect stroke.
Babolat’s innovation team was determined to better meet the needs of different players by launching RPM Soft: a new string in the RPM monofilament range that offers more comfort than other monofilaments while still providing greater durability than multifilament strings.

Ray's recommendation: Although this string does not perform particularly well as a full bed product, RPM Soft adds great playability and comfort as a cross string for other poly-monofilaments.  It also can add spin as a cross for natural gut.

Made in France.

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