Adidas Metalbone Pickleball Paddle Multi-weight

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The newest offering from Adidas Pickleball, the Metalbone Multi-weight Pickleball paddle is top-of-the-line in every way.  Borrowing the technology that successfully differentiated their Padel products from the completion, the Metalbone pickleball paddle produces exceptional power and precision.  You can add, subtract, reposition weighted studs to change power and maneuverability.  This paddle moves away from a traditional polycarbonate honeycomb core and into the future, a foam core with structural integrity provided by super strong carbon fiber frame/face.  This plays like no other paddle on the market.  Bravo Adidas!


Player Level- Advanced / Pro

Player Type- Attack

Length- 16.5 in. 

Width- 7.5 in  

Thickness- 13mm

Avg. Weight- 8 oz. (+/- .2 oz.)

Balance point- variable

Grip size- L1 - (4 1/8)

Paddle Face- C18 Carbon Fiber

Core- PMI Structural Foam


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