Adidas Metalbone Team Light 3.3 (2023)

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The METALBONE TEAM LIGHT is a lightweight, high-performance racket. It is made for the most advanced players. The comfort of a lighter racket is combined with a high-power capacity thanks to the rigidity provided by technologies such as Octagonal Structure and Structural Reinforcement. In terms of compounds, the combination of FIBER GLASS and EVA Soft Performance rubber offers a great balance. The Spin Blade Gritt incorporates a rough layer on the surface of the blade to generate the best spin. The arrangement of the Smart Holes Linear also optimizes this type of shots.


Level- Advanced

Player Type- Control

Weight- 345-360g 

Head Shape/Size- Round / 485 cm²

Balance- 265mm (even)

Beam- 38mm

Length- 455mm

Frame- Metalbone, Octagonal Structure

Surface- Glass Fiber

Core- EVA Soft Performance

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