Adidas Metalbone 3.3 HRD+ - Ale Galán (2024)

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The METALBONE HRD+ is designed for winning hands, those that decide the outcome of points, matches and tournaments. The racket is designed for the best padel players, such as Ale Galán. It incorporates the Weight & Balance System technology, which allows you to adjust the weights and balance to adapt it to a more control style of play or to reinforce its characteristics for a more attacking game. The Octagonal Structure located in the core, together with the other materials integrate within it, the EVA High Memory rubber and the Carbon Aluminized 2 to 1 fiber, make it an extremely rigid racket. The roughness of the Spin Blade Decal on the surface of the blade provides the best effects. The Diamond Oversize shape reinforces its status as an attacking racket.


Level- Pro

Player Type- Attack

Head Shape- Diamond Oversize

Weight- 345-360g (+/- 12)

Head Size- 485 cm²

Balance- 285mm (head heavy)

Beam- 38mm

Length- 455mm

Frame- Metalbone, Octagonal Structure

Surface- Carbon Aluminized 2:1

Core- EVA High Memory

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