Yonex Pro Racquet 6 Pack Bag (2 Colors)
  • Yonex Pro Racquet 6 Pack Bag (2 Colors)

    Yonex provides players with this Pro Racquet 6 Pack bag featuring two large main compartments that are ideal for carrying all your racquets plus extra gear. A zippered accessory pocket on the side helps keep your personal items organized. A special pocket on the bottom of the bag that expands into one of the main compartments is perfect for carrying your tennis shoes or dirty clothes.

    • Specs

      Product Features: 

      Dimensions: L31" x W11" x H14"

      - Can be used as a backpack for easy transport.

      - Shoes can be packed away in the bag.

      - Lining inside bag protects racquet from heat.

      - A sculpted shoulder shape along the top frame of the bag which reduces the burden on shoulders.

      - The buckle rotates according to the angle of the shoulder when carried, making it difficult to lose shape.

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