The EZONE racquet line continues to evolve!


With a reduced length, this great racquet becomes more accessible to an elite up-and-coming generation. All-graphite junior model with extraordinary power!


-Length: 26"

-Headsize: 102 sq in

-Grip size: 4"

-String pattern: 16x18

-Strung weight: 8.5 oz

-Composition: Graphite

-Age recommendation: 9-11 Years Old

Yonex Ezone Junior 26"

SKU: EZ0626.0
Grip Size

ISO (Isometric Square Head Shape)
This exclusive Yonex innovation results in a sweet spot up to 48% larger than a traditional oval head shape. According to Yonex, it ensures more power and control with fewer off-center shots.

Vibration dampening mesh integrated around and between the grip. According to Yonex, this lowers unwanted vibrations by 30% compared to a conventional racquet.

Liner Tech Grommet & String System features straighter grommet holes for less string on racquet friction. It also includes optimal string spacing for greater control in the hitting zone and more forgiveness on off-center hits.

Yonex M40X Material Technology Strong elastic graphite added to throat for great stability and more power.

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