Volkl V-Sense V1 MP
  • Volkl V-Sense V1 MP

    The  Volkl V-Sesne V1 Midplus Tennis Racquet is a racquet worth playing with. This racquet combines power and control, maximizing the overall feel from all areas of the court. The open 16x19 string pattern enhances spin capability and improves power level from the baseline. The head size is a larger-than-normal midplus size at 102 square inches, increasing the sweet spot for better contact. You will find plenty of power in this racquet as it is packed with enhancing technologies. The Big Grommets were replaced with the Super G grommet system that incorporates Volkl’s patented V-Sponse material in construction. The result is a larger sweet spot, better control through increased dwell time and more power from the increased spring effect as the ball leaves the string bed.  Replacing Volkl’s V-Sponse Bio Sensors is the new V-Sense, this new technology features a pendulum pin in the handle of the racquet that all but eliminates any vibrations that have a negative effect on the playability of the racquet. 

    • Technologies

      Volkl Super Grommet System

      A grommet technology that combines Volkl's Speed Grommets, which allows the strings to move in all possible directions, with V-Sponse material, which increases the "Spring Effect". The result is a grommet system that provides exceptional dampening and power.

      C3 Material consists of:

      • Tri-Carbon Paper.
      • Cellulose Fibers.
      • Carbon Nanotubes.
      • Graphene Nano Plates.
      • Carbon Black.

      Volkl uses C3 Material in the graphite layup to better calibrate stiffness across different regions of the frame.

      Introduced with the V-Sense series, Volkl's Precise Power Beam combines Volkl's Classic and Organix beams. Less rounded than the beam on the Super G series, the Precise Power Beam has a more controlled feel.

      The VSENSOR Handle comes with a unique EVA molded mass dampener pendulum pin for increased vibration dampening.

    • Specs

      Head Size: 102 sq. in MP
      Length: 27 inches
      Weight: Strung — 10.6 oz / 301 g Unstrung — 10.1 oz / 286 g
      Tension: 50-60 Pounds
      Balance: 5 Pts Head Light
      Beam Width: 25/22/28mm
      Composition: C3 Material
      Grip Type: Volkl Vsense Pro Perforated
      Power Level: Medium
      String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses
      Mains Skip: 8T, 8H
      Two Piece
      No Shared Holes
      Swing Speed: Medium, Moderate Swing
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