Volkl V-Feel V8 PRO
  • Volkl V-Feel V8 PRO

    Volkl adds an expert level control racquet to the VFeel 8 series with the new V8 Pro Tennis Racquet. As with the other VFeel racquets, Volkl has packed this racquet with Revolutionary EVA material for better rebound speed and improved shock absorption do the denser nature of the racquet's make-up. Volkl continues the tradition of excellent vibration reduction with VTex, a red silicone polymer butt cap that reduces torque and resists cracking, twisting and moving. Instead of the Super G grommet system, Volkl went with traditional grommets for more feedback and control from the 18x20 string pattern.

    With a strung weight of 11.4 ounces, the V8 Pro is the most control oriented 8 series racquet in the lineup. The dense string pattern offers a predictable dialed in response at contact, while the spacious 100 square inch head and variable beam width of 22/24/22 mm provide just the right amount of power and stability. Add Volkl's outstanding bright red cosmetic and the V8 Pro has all the makings of a serious tournament player's racquet. If you found the previous VFeel 8 racquets to be a little too powerful, you will love the lower launch angle and dialed in control of the V8 Pro.

    • Technologies

      VCELL VCELL is a cellulose form of black carbon. Strong, lightweight, natural polymer added to strategic locations of the racquet's layup to improve vibration freqeuncy, feel and responsiveness.

      REVA Volkl updates its VSENSOR dampening system with a revolutionary material called EVA +, a unique compound & resin placed beneath the handle pallets. The result, according to Volkl, is 35% more resiliency for faster rebounding. It is also denser for greater dampening and more optimal feedback.

      VTEX Volkl adds a new silicone polymer to their butt cap for better dampening. This material technology also helps the butt cap resist cracking and movement for a more solid feel.

      Other technologies include Volkl's Super Grommet System, which is a grommet technology that combines Volkl's Speed Grommets, which allows the strings to move in all possible directions, with V-Sponse material, which increases the "Spring Effect". The result is a grommet system that provides exceptional dampening and power.

    • Specs

      Head Size: 100 sq. in MP
      Length: 27 inches
      Weight: Strung — 11.4 oz / 323 g Unstrung — 10.8 oz / 305 g
      Tension: 50-60 Pounds
      Balance: 6 Pts Head Light
      Beam Width: 22/24/22mm
      Composition: V Cell & Graphite
      Flex: 68
      Grip Type: Volkl Synthetic
      Power Level: Low
      String Pattern: 18 Mains / 20 Crosses
      Mains Skip: 8T, 10T, 8H, 10H
      Two Piece
      No Shared Holes
      Swing Speed: Fast, Long Swing
      Swing Weight: 324
    Excluding Sales Tax