Volkl V-Feel 8 Junior 25"

Volkl V-Feel 8 Junior 25"

SKU: V18J08

Full graphite 25 inch racket for junior players serious about tennis. Suitable for junior players between 52 to 56.5 inch height.


The specification of this racket allows young players to hit with confidence as they work on improving their game, offering ample power and spin. The full graphite construction as well as Volkl's technologies give the frame a solid, reassuring feel not found in budget price racket.


Renowned for its racket technology, Volkl continues to innovate with the junior V-Feel 8. The addition of a strong, cellulose material named VCell improves the frames stiffness and responsiveness. The range also improves on comfort with Revolutionary EVA (REVA), which reinforces the handle and provides 25% more shock absorption and a lively feel.



  • Specifications

    Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 235
    Head Size in Sq. in 102
    Balance (+/- 5mm) 305 mm
    String Pattern 16x19
    Length 25 inches
    Composition Graphite
  • Technologies

    VCELL VCELL is a cellulose form of black carbon. Strong, lightweight, natural polymer added to strategic locations of the racquet's layup to improve vibration freqeuncy, feel and responsiveness. 

    REVA Volkl updates its VSENSOR dampening system with a revolutionary material called EVA +, a unique compound & resin placed beneath the handle pallets. The result, according to Volkl, is 35% more resiliency for faster rebounding. It is also denser for greater dampening and more optimal feedback. 

    VTEX Volkl adds a new silicone polymer to their butt cap for better dampening. This material technology also helps the butt cap resist cracking and movement for a more solid feel. 

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