Tecnifibre HDMX 16,17 (Optic Yellow)
  • Tecnifibre HDMX 16,17 (Optic Yellow)

    Tecnifibre delivers a nice blend of comfort and controllable power to players across the ability spectrum.  Built with Hybrid 3D Technology, this string is designed to give you the expanded playability of a hybrid. It features three different fibers (polyester, Elastyl, and Thermostabyl) along with a High Density Polyurethane for a more controlled and spin-friendly response than that of a  traditional multifilament. A great option for comfort seekers who want a little more control and durabiity than traditional multifilaments.

    • Specs

      Gauge: 16/1.30mm - 17/1.25mm

      Length: 40ft/12.2m

      Composition: Multifilament (33% Polyester Fibers / 34% Elastyl Fibers /  33% Thermostabyl fibers with a 3SPL Silicium Pyrogene Lubritec anti-abrasion coating)

      Color: Yellow

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