Luxilon SMART 16, 16L (Black)
  • Luxilon SMART 16, 16L (Black)

    The first string engineered to process swing speed and adapt its properties in real time, LXN Smart does all the thinking for you. Fiber characteristics within the polymer material change based on swing speed, stiffening up during fast swings for more control and flexing during slower swings for enhanced touch. Uniquely developed for lower string tensions, LXN Smart delivers polyester-like performance with the soft feeling of a multifilament. No matter the stroke or situation, this string gives you the ability to vary your shot selection with incredible confidence.

    • Technologies

      - Three fibers within polymer material adjust to force of swing

      - High swing speeds - fibers stiffen for more control

      - Low swing speeds - fibers soften for more touch and feel

      - Developed for high performance at lower tensions (string at 40 lbs +/- 4 lbs for best results)

      - Evolution of M2 Pro with enhanced tension maintenance

      - Made in Belgium


    • Specs

      Racket String Category Comfort
      String Material Polymer
      String Type Polyester
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