A legendary natural gut string used by many ATP and WTA Tour pros. Babolat VS Gut possesses a combination of power, comfort and feel. It maintains playability remarkably well at higher tensions. VS Touch great for any level of play, it provides nice power and an expanded sweetspot to beginners with compact strokes. It's also a great option for people suffering from tennis elbow who are in search of a softer response. As for hybrids, this is the perfect compliment to stiff polys. Thermogut Technology Finishing increases durability and resistance to humidity, according to Babolat. This natural gut comes with BT7 Technology, which is a layering structure designed to increase durability. 

Babolat Touch VS Natural Gut 17

SKU: 201031.17

Gauge: 17/1.25mm

Length: 40ft/12m

Composition: Natural Gut (w/Thermogut & BT7 Technlogy)

Color: Natural

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