Babolat Racquets

The Pure Aero is arguably Babolat's most iconic racquet. Endorsed by Rafael Nadal the Pure Aero is a great all around racquet offering great access to spin and power.

A good choice for advanced beginners and intermediates, available in various weights and lengths.

The Pure Drive is Babolat's most powerful racquet. A great choice for beginners and intermediates alike it was Andy Roddick's racquet of choice on tour.

Available in an array a weights and lengths it is a good option for players with a slower swing.

The Pure Strike is Babolat's control racquet, it is ideal for intermediate and advanced players who enjoy taking full cuts at the ball. This is Dominic Thiem's racquet of choice. 

Available in varying weights and head sizes.

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Babolat PURE AERO Series